Horizontal Wheat Scourer,Wheat Scourer

FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer Removes the clod which size is same with the wheat, fur of the wheat surface, residue of heavy metal and medicine. It can improve the quality of the flour effectively.

The horizontal wheat scourer is normally equipped with an aspiration channel or a recycling aspiration channel at its outlet. They can efficiently remove detached hull particles or surface contamination from the grain.

Working principle of horizontal wheat scourer:
Wheat seed goes into horizontal wheat scourer, after striking of string board and friction of sieve, impurities on surface of wheat seed will be cleaned and wheat skin will be wiped out, which can increase the flour precision.

Characteristics of FDMW horizontal wheat scourer:
1.Intelligent design ensures constant product throughput.
2.reasonably chooses the dense alignment and screw angle of the hit wooden board, make a good effect of the scourer and low crash rate
3.Hit wooden boards of rotor through heat treatment that can extend the service life. Longer machine life through durable construction.
4.Increased the diameter of screen drum suitable that overcome the phenomenon of plugging machine.
5.The running of rotor will more stable after the dynamic test and compensates.Easy and convenient maintenance.
6.High flexibility–exact adaptation to customer needs.
7.Easy service thanks to an optimized design.
8.Robust design leads to lower running costs.
9.toothed plate of screen drum changed from alloy chilling cast iron of anti-friction to the common ash cast iron, this can enhance the anti-friction degree and service life obviously.
10.Quiet operation through low-vibration design.
11.Improved bearing lubricate and airproof structure, reduce the dynamical consumption and noise. Continuous, trouble-free process for consistent product quality.

Application of FDMW horizontal wheat scourer:
1. Horizontal wheat scourer of FDMW series is one of the ideal machines for flour milling machine to clean dry wheat.
2. It can not only smash the clods in the wheat but also can smash and remove the deteriorated wheat with low strength.
3. The machine can also clean the dust on the surface and remove the mud, sand and awn in the wheat.
4. The smashed mud and fine impurities will be separated through the holes in the sieve and will be discharge through the dust outlet. Especially when processing flour of certain grades, the horizontal wheat scourer is a necessary piece of equipment to reduce the ash content in flour and improve the purity.
5. Currently, many horizontal wheat scourer have been used to clean the rapeseeds and used in the brewing industry for cleaning of impurities and have achieved good results.
6.It’s mainly used in the clear procedure (the first clear and the second clear) of surface finish of wheat and rye, which can wipe off the appendiculate impurity and contaminations (dust, sand, clod and granule seed)
7.It also can reduce the quantity of microorganism (bacteria), worm and limb of worm, improving the material sanitation.
8. Smash and separate the degenerative kernel and the impurity mixed in the wheat; separate the broken clod and sundries from the eyelet of screen drum and enter the sundries case then discharging.

FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer data

Single wheat scourer

Type Sieve barrel(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size (mm)
FDMW40*100 1000 4-7 7.5 2110*925*1670
FDMW40*120 1200 6-8 7.5 2310*925*1670
FDMW40*150 1500 7-10 11 2560*925*1670

Double wheat scourer

Type Sieve barrel(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size(mm)
FDMW2*40*120 1200 8-14 2*7.5 2305*1335*1698
FDMW2*40*150 1500 14-20 2*11 2555*1335*1698


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