Wheat flour mill plant

Wheat flour mill plant can be divided into standard specification and top grade specification, also called roller flour mill machinery. The manufacturing process of flour mills include remove dust, crusher wheat to flour and separated the flour and bran etc.

1.The standard specification of Wheat flour mill plant features
1)Microcomputer PLC control, Text display human-computer interface.
2)Full precision casting machine body, lasting keeping precision.
3)The dip angle of line of centers between front feeding roller and back feeding roller is preset according
to the character of materials to adapt all kinds of materials’ flow angle.
4)The feeding room with speedy demounting device, and cleaning speedily.
5)Negative pressure makes materials intake into changing barrel, the materials with no mildew and no spraying.
6)The feeding rollers with intelligence frequency control of motor speed, high technological adaptability.
7)The support system of grinding roller with automatic positioning and disassembling conveniently.
8)The automatic control electric component placed in front operating side.
9)The roll clearance adjusting hand wheel can be demounted conveniently for transportation and maintain.

Roller flour mill machinery advantages
The aperture of material door placed outside of machine body, conveniently speedily and safely.
The roll clearance adjusting hand wheel with the feature of pneumatic-electric shaft stepless automatic locking,
it is unparalleled.

2.The top grade specification
1)Full electromotion servo actuator, the response speed is 10 times of pneumatic servo, no need air source.
2)Touch screen operation, it is in the intelligent network with the system IPC(Industrial Personal Computer) to
realize the automation of whole production line.
3)Intellisense electronic servo of material door, it is outstanding.
3.The intelligent specification
1)Concentrating above functions on the computer program, no manual adjusting mechanism, automatic operation
and unattended; every unit is equivalent to an flour milling robot with intelligent system.

Manufacturing process of flour
1)Remove dust or cleaned thoroughly wheat
2)Used the wheat stoner machine to remove the stone and other foreign matters
3)Tempered wheat and treating by water
4)The tempered wheat is crushed between corrugated rollers (Break rolls)
5)The first break rolls are set relatively far apart to grind the wheat lightly, while successive break yield finer and finer products.
The first break is separated by sieving or bolting in to very fine particles (flour), intermediate particles (middlings) and coarse particles (stock). The stock is then sent to second break rolls. This process may continue through 5 to 6 breaks.
The stock contains pieces of endosperm and bran and the stock from the last break is principally bran.
6)The middlings contain endosperm, bran and germ which are then successively classified and some of the bran removed are sent to reduction rollers.
These are smooth rollers, but like the break rolls they are graduated so that successive reduction becomes finer and finer. After each reduction, sifters separate the flour, middling and stock, this process is continued until most of the endosperm has been removed as flour and most of the bran has been separated in the sifters.

Roller flour mill machinery main technic parameters:

Type A B Power Outline(mm) Weight(kg)
HH25100 1126 1850 5.5-30kw 1165×860×1130 3600      
HH25125 1376 2100 5.5-30kw 1265×860×1130 4200

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