flour mill impact detacher

wheat flour impact detacher,flour mill impact detacher is FSJZ series impact flour detacher, which is to impact the core milling and slag milling materials, reduce bran and ash content and increase whiteness, improving flour yield rate by 15-35%. The simple and reasonable design makes the installation convenient and occupies less space, handsome, endurable and convenient for maintenance.

Principle of flour mill impact detacher
- This machine is designed for detaching endosperm particles after reduce milling by smooth rollers to increase the extraction of flour in flour mills.
- The circular machine comprises casting iron housing and the motor is flanged installed on the housing. A rotary pins plate is fixed on the motor axis directly. A fixed is pin plate combined with the housing. The materials are fed into the machine from the center and discharged from its outlet which is on the tangential direction. Meanwhile, intensive impact occurs between:
a, the pins fixed on the motor and the pins on the housing.
b, the rotoring plate and the pins on the housing.
c, the pins fixed on the motor and the housing.
Thus some endosperm sheets caused by smooth roller are released and become flour; some granular semolina is crashed to flour or falls off from bran.
- The rotor is dynamically balanced, and painted with a transparent food lacquer to prevent rusting. The impacting pins surfaces are heat treated to ensure wear resistant.

Application of impact flour detacher
The impact detacher is used to detach the middle production in milling diagram, which can assist the roller mill and plansifter, and improve the performance of plansifter. The impact detacher is used to detach the flour or insect.
In the milling technology, adopting the detacher can improve the capacity and quality of flour.

wheat flour impact detacher Working principle:
The detacher adopt high speed-turning impeller, pins and impacting unit to turn the material, here the material acquire large centrifugal force, so it can be impacted strongly among the impeller, pins and impacting unit, thus the flour flake is loosen, the wheat core is broken properly, and the endosperm is separated from the bran, here the machine can break the insect egg.

Features of flour mill impact detacher
1. Low maintenance requirement,high strength weld shell.
2. Low carbon alloy steel pin, surface make carbonitrideing and nitriding to guarantee excellent abrasion performance.
3. Advanced manufacturing technology to guarantee excellent running accuracy, and produce high quality products.
4. Impact rotated plate made by high precision balance test, achieve excellent stable running.
5. Rational design give high efficiency.
6. Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
7.Newly type machine adopts welded housing.
8. Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.
9. The impacting pins surfaces are heat treated to ensure wear resistant. The surfaces of the impacting pins are special heat treated to ensure wear resistant.
10. Round pins and square pins for different passages and impact intensities.
11. High quality motor ensures the machine running normally.

Wheat flour impact detacher data

Type Rotator dia. (mm) Distance of rotator and stator (mm) Rotate speed of main shaft (rpm) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Size *dia(mm)
FSFZ495 495 5 2890 3-4 124 470*565
FSFZ510 510 3 2890 4-5.5 165 560*630

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