Flour Feed Roller

Flour Feed Roller is one of main parts of flour mill plant, can improve the speed to produce the flour, and gradually instead of the hammer mill.The flour feed roller is the main working part in the flour feed making machine.

Flour Feed Roller is usually used with belt pulley drives with metal shafting and less large gears. The newer roller mills had better roller mountings, using belt drive. These rollers could run faster than the earlier gear operated roller mills.

The features of Flour Feed Roller
1.Rubber, calendar & Mixing rolls require high tensile strength along with wear resistence.
2.As such clear chill roll with hardness between 60 - 70 Shore°C is so cast with three different zones of white iron on the surface, mottled iron in the middle and soft grey iron at the core, to ensure good thermal conductivity.
3.All rolls are hydrulically tested to ensure the soundness of the casting.
4. Reduce the noise and improve effiency.If both rollers ran at the same speed the grain would travel though with little or no treatment done to it.
5. Better feed control
6.Normally used in large scale flour mill plant

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