Belt pulley,timing belt pulley,groove belt pulley

Belt Pulley can be divided into timing belt pulley and groove belt pulley used for machine, and these products can be made of high mechical strength materials, such as composite or metal materials.

Belt Pulley is one of wheel hubs and generally designed in large size, manufacturing process has casting and forging. And Belt Pulley is made of casting iron,steel or stainless steel with high mechanical strength.

The advantages of Belt Pulley
The belt pulley drive can reduce the load impact;
Pulley drive running smoothly, low noise, low vibration;
The pulley drive structure is simple, easy to adjust;
Pulley drive for the manufacture and installation of pulleys do not like the rigorous precision meshing;
Pulley drive with overload protection function;
Pulley drive center distance between the two axis adjustment range.

Belt Pulley should meet: light weight, uniform mass distribution, eliminating the internal stress generated in manufacturing, pulley should be static balance correction.

V-belt groove belt pulley model O, A, B, C, D, E, F in accordance with national specifications. The corresponding pulley groove angle of three kinds of 34 °, 36 °, 38 °, and provides for each type of V-belt corresponding to each kind of groove angle of the minimum diameter of small pulley, pulley is not specified.

Belt Pulley can be designed in accordance with the speed ratio, motor speed etc.

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