Transmission Pipeline for flour mill plant

Transmission pipelines are used to transport flour, maize germ, maize bran and fodder flour from grinding machine to packing machine. Transmission pipelines also transport dust or stone and other impurities to cleaning machine or dust collector .

Transmission Pipeline for flour mill can be made from ceramic porcelain or composite materials to provide high mechanical performance, such as compression and bending strength.

Transmission Pipelines are designed in different sizes in accordance with where they are used. Most of Transmission Pipelines for flour mill adopts wear-resistant carbide or wear-resistant toughening structural ceramics which are required having smooth surface and good mechanical strength. Between the pipe connections need to set the cooling device.

Transmission Pipeline normally used with speed motor and Roots blower and air duct etc.

According to flour mill plant structure, transmission Pipeline can be designed in different size used for diifferent position.

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